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WhiteLighter Coaching Quest

"No Matter Who You Think You Are,

You Are Always So much More Then That!"

Do you need focus and direction?

Anita's structured business plan, techniques and positive philosophy have helped hundreds learn how to create and achieve more of what they want in their lives. If you long for balance and wellness in your body, mind, heart and spirit; Anita's life experience, techniques, and education can help you achieve meaning and joy. 

Anita helps individuals access their personal power to create desired changes. She assists them in clearing fears, success blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way of achieving good health, relationships and career goals. Anita is known for intuitively guiding change-seekers to joy, abundance and freedom.

Anita has experienced many life challenges and changes. Her career includes business leadership, therapeutic coaching and energy healing. After a successful business career,parenting and coaching business, with an BA and multiple healing certifications, she founded “WhiteLighter" a holistic health and transformational coaching practice.

Some Off-site Coaching and Accountability packages available:

Teen and Young Adult coach

Recovery or Addictions coach

Dementia and Senior Companion coach

Life Coach

Business Coach

An adventurer and explorer from an early age, Anita White was born into a long line of caregivers and sales people: her father was a driver/salesman for various beverage industries, while her mother nurtured neighbors and friends as a Registered Nurse at the town hospital.