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WhiteLighter Coaching Quest

"No Matter Who You Think You Are,

You Are Always So much More Then That!"

Contract Specialist, Trusted Real Estate Consultant

anitawhitehomes.comPlease see my real estate website,

Anita White began her real estate career in March of 1997. She was brought into a new construction townhome development project that had been failing to sell. There were thirty eight townhomes to sell and five floor-plans to choose from. The area had challenges with noise from a freeway close and multifamily housing nearby. With zeal and collaboration she created a creative hosting and showing style to new prospective buyers. She used her listening skills and psychology background to assist her in honing in on what the client needed and wanted in order to provide them exactly the home they would feel content with. In just eighteen months all of the townhomes were sold and closed. Soon she moved into an amazing family owned brokerage where she grew her real estate business and flourished in coaching new and seasoned homeowners with their transactions. It wasn’t long that she became one of the prized Top Producers in the country.

Anita’s coaching techniques and positive philosophy have helped hundreds learn how to buy or sell their property, so they may have their “dreams come home.”

She has 15 years of corporate experience which includes, sales/marketing, customer service, purchasing, and as a contract specialist with contract management in a major utility company. Throughout thirty years, she has been involved in many non-profit groups serving as a facilitator for chemical abuse prevention, single and divorced and grief education/support groups.  

Heightened Intuition- sensing a houses energies

From a young age I “knew” things, things that other people around me didn’t seem to pick up on. It’s like another sense, a 6th sense. It’s not something that I think much about, but it does provide some advantages in my job as a Real Estate Agent.

My abilities are called “Claircognizant” or “a sudden knowing.” For me it’s like somebody has suddenly placed a thought into my head. I know that it is there, I know what it is, and I know I didn’t put it there. It has to be managed carefully or it can be a bit of a crazy-maker. This type is also called “Intuitive” (Intuition: understanding without apparent effort).

I work with the energies of the house to assist what may need healing, transformation or a release technique.  

"Where dreams come home"