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WhiteLighter Coaching Quest

"No Matter Who You Think You Are,

You Are Always So much More Then That!"

Hypnosis, transitions, transfers, relocation, Hazelden,

Hypnosis, therapist, Life Coach, PTSD, St. Paul, Saint Paul, Stillwater, Minnesota, move, metro, Minneapolis, transformations, chakra, sponsor, AA, Alanon, NA,GA,SA, 

Creative, women, men, trauma, heal, release, pain, back, stress, depression, anxiety, hormones. isolation, cross country, extreme changes, brain, mind tools,  

Death of spouse100
 Marital separation 
 Jail term 
Fight, Flight,FreezeDeath of close family member63
InstitutionPersonal injury or illness53
adult children of alcoholicsFired at work47
Erectile dysfunctionMarital reconciliation45
murderChange in health of family member44
infant deathPregnancy40
Sex difficulties39
adoptionGain of new family member39
Business readjustment39
racismChange in financial state38
interracial Death of close friend37
angerChange to a different line of work36
fearChange in number of arguments with spouse35
infidelityA large mortgage or loan31
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan30
run awayChange in responsibilities at work29
23Son or daughter leaving home29
24Trouble with in-laws29
25Outstanding personal achievement28
26Spouse begins or stops work26
27Begin or end school/college26
28Change in living conditions25
29Revision of personal habits24
30Trouble with boss23
31Change in work hours or conditions20
32Change in residence20
33Change in school/college20
34Change in recreation19
35Change in church activities19
36Change in social activities18 
37A moderate loan or mortgage17
38Change in sleeping habits16
39Change in number of family get-togethers15
40Change in eating habits15
43Minor violations of the law


Per 60 Minute Session 

July Special of any service below:  $75

Therapeutic Coaching                      


Business Success Coaching    

Public Speaker                                    

Group Facilitation  

Perfom Wedding

Perform Funeral


Sacred Ceremony

Wiccan Union                      

Prorated thereafter to the quarter hour. If you pay for 1 session and the session goes past the end time you will be expected to render payment at the time of the service.






Neuro Linguistic Programming Model of Communication

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) began as a model of how we communicate to ourselves and others which was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. This model explains how we process the information that comes into us from the outside. The belief is that "The map is not the territory." And so the internal representations that we make about an outside event are not necessarily the event itself

All denominational Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations of Life and House Blessings. Christian, Pagan, oral Non Denomination

My Universal Life Church Ordination

LIfe Coach