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WhiteLighter Coaching Quest

"No Matter Who You Think You Are,

You Are Always So much More Then That!"


I really enjoyed taking Anita's Business Planning for Success course. I found her extremely knowledgeable on the topics we covered while at the same time being warm and very approachable. We had many good discussions surrounding the concepts involved with starting a business and how to get it successfully launched and to keep it successful on-going. What I learned is invaluable for me and my business as I move forward. I highly recommend this course to others just starting out in their business and also to those that have been there a while but perhaps want a fresh look at their current direction.

Julie R

Business Planning For Success

Anita gives you the inspiration, motivation and knowledge you need to achieve your goals, on your schedule. And you'll work together, one-to-one, with the same consistent program throughout your journey.

Ron A

Strategic Consultant

Anita was well prepared and quite professional. At the same time, she was sensitive, patient, flexible and caring. The office setting was light, inviting, cheerful, energetic and private. The session was thoroughly explained at the beginning, which put me at ease. It was in-depth, personalized, and well executed. She is an excellent coach due to her solid training, life experiences, passion for her work and empathetic personality. I would easily recommend Anita to anyone interested in self growth through life/career coaching or NLP therapy.

A Minnesota Business Owner

It was in-depth, personalized, and well executed.

Anita has been instrumental in my life of recovery. Her coaching has helped me to shift my thoughts from what I am recovering from to what I am recovering to. She always meets me right where I am. She has helped me to acknowledge my fears and led me to solutions for facing them. She helps me to define my needs and wants and then helps to find ways to get those needs and wants filled. Our relationship is very comfortable and flows naturally. I always enjoy and benefit from my time with her and am truly blessed to have her guidance.

A Minnesota Taxi Driver

Truly blessed to have her guidance.

Anita White provided services via Whitelighter Coaching over the course of four months earlier this year. The time and energy required of me was manageable and flexible. Anita provided a safe, warm and inviting atmosphere. I was able to comfortably share my life situation and find viable solutions to my problems. Anita helped me to find effective coping strategies and new perspectives on what had otherwise been a long pattern of painful struggle. What I found most helpful was the relationship we built together. Anita never dominated our time, but she interacted in personal and professional ways that established mutual respect, a safe place to be vulnerable and the joy of laughter, the most healing component I know! I never felt pressured or neglected. She gave me the additional support I needed in a difficult time. She was a professional guide, wise mentor and gentle friend. Much praise for Whitelighter Coaching!

A Minnesota School Teacher

The most healing component I know!

I am an experienced business woman with a solid professional resume. I've worked in operations, headed companies, sat on both non-profit and for profit Boards of Directors. And yet there was a time not long ago where I felt stuck, at a loss regarding my life style, professional life and a series of addictions that were making me miserable. With the help of Anita White I have been able to make a 180 degree shift in my work life, relation to addictions and in my attitude toward relationships. For persons interested in making significant changes in their lives WhiteLighter Coaching could be a really wonderful solution.

St. Paul, MN Business Owner

I was able to make a 180 degree shift in every area of my life.

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